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The C64-Archiv
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Are you often searching for a program or game in your C64 file collection? Do you want a quick overview of your directories? Would you like to test your self-created programs in different emulators with just a double-click?

Then you should try the C64-Archiv. With just a few clicks a database with all your C64 files is created. Then you can easily view your programs in the Hex-Basic-Editor, try them out in various emulators, or simply organize them further with other tools:



  • Searches folders and files of your own C64 collection and automatically creates a database
  • Large collections (> 1.000.000 files) can be managed easily
  • Multiple databases can be managed simultaneously
  • Many emulators (VICE, CCS64, HOXS64, DENISE, EMU64) are supported by default
  • Selection menu of parameters for starting emulators
  • External tools/programs, e.g. C64 Studio, D64Lister, DirMaster, etc..., can be integrated easily
  • Files can be renamed, moved and copied
  • Directory display for easy launching of the programs
  • Pre-selection of files, images, text documents, etc. to be imported
  • Preview image and text files
  • Display of Basic and Seq files
  • Hex display
  • Main view can be designed variably
  • Programs can be exported
  • Easy creation of custom views ("Filter")
  • Supported C64 files:
    • ARC, CRT, D64, D71, D81, G64, LNX, NIB, P00, PRG, SDA, SFX, T64, TAP and Z64/zipcoded 4 files (1!*,...4!*)
  • Supported picture files:
    • BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG and TIFF
  • Supported media files:
    • MP3, MP4 and AVI
  • Supported text and information files:
    • PDF, TXT, NFO and DIZ
  • Supported archiv files:
    • RAR, ZIP, 7z, GZ and LHA
  • Supported emulator files:
    • VSF (VICE-snapshot-file), VFL (VICE-Flipfile) and C64 (CCS64-session-file)
  • Multi language support:
    • English, Italian, Polish, Spanish